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Milan Bhullar is an architect and furniture designer from India and a current graduate student pursuing her MFA in Furniture Design from Savannah College of Art & Design. She received her Bachelors in Architecture from India and worked as an Architect for 6 years before her love for hand-crafting pushed her towards furniture design and ceramics.

Milan's work is centered around the act of making and engaging with materials which serve as a form of therapy. She uses her craft as a means of self-discovery, introspection and healing. Her work is centered around themes of reflection, hyper-optimism, resilience and transformation. Milan's work is dynamic, playful and intends to make connections with her audience. Her works include a range of materials including clay, metal, wood and plastics where she enjoys manipulating materials to create desired forms. In the past year, Milan has worked extensively with bent wood laminations exploring curves and bent forms which has become central to her design language.

Milan has had her works exhibited at the ISFD Innovation + Design 2022 at Highpoint, North Carolina and the Gulfstream Center for Design gallery in Savannah, GA. Milan is also one of 10 selected artists commissioned by SCAD Museum of Art for a permanent sculpture at the Promenade de Sculptures in Lacoste, France in 2022.

She is currently working on a thesis collection that uses furniture to foster new habits as a way to restore resiliency using bent forms as a metaphor for our resiliency in the face of adversity.

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